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You Are Going To Die

It’s Monday, we are a little tired from the weekend and dreading the job we don’t love to be at. We count down the hours in the day until we are off work and get to go for dinner with friends or sit on the couch to watch Netflix and eat pizza. We count down the days until Friday so we can go out and party or go do what we think we have the most fun doing. We count down the time and days week after week only to do the same thing again and again. We all want great change in our life. We have awesome goals and dreams but how are we ever going to achieve anything if we continue to live in this vicious cycle?

Most of us are going through life on cruise control. We aren’t really living the best we can or to our full potential. We are just taking up space on this wonderful planet that really doesn’t need us (for real, the planet would be better off without our selfish souls here). We feel lost and give ourselves too much stress over micro things that don’t really matter. We allow our minds to control us and usually not for the better. We stay up until 2 in the morning worrying about bills, money, comments people leave on our social platforms and so much more!

Why the heck do we go through life like this?

We are always told to be happy, love yourself, be you, stop worrying what others think, money is just paper and so on. All of us have been thrown onto the same board that we call planet earth. Some have been given a little more than others depending where we were born or what family we were born into, but we are all on this planet trying to do the best we can and get by with what we have. We are going around this planet in different directions but we are all on the same journey, to find happiness. We think by chasing money, having power and some kind of job security that we are going to be happy, but that is not necessarily the case.

When we are young we think we have an endless amount of time on earth, we think we are limitless and never going to die. As we get older we realize our time here is quite short.
We should learn to make the most of everyday, live the best we can, love those closest to us and do our best to achieve what is really going to make us happy before our time here is over.

We find true happiness by digging deep within ourselves and experiencing new things to see what we truly love.

Here are a few things that I have realized in the past year of my life that will hopefully help you see more light in this world and create a better future for yourself. I am not giving advice I am just letting you know how I feel and how I see things.

• Don’t waste time with people who don’t truly care about you. Sometimes you can’t tell at first, but when you do, it is best to not be around them as they will slowly bring you down.
• Don’t waste time at a job you hate or doing work that you don’t enjoy. If you don’t like to do something it usually shows to those who are around you and it is possible you are only bringing them down as well. You won’t succeed in something you don’t love and have passion for.
• Stop worrying so much about what others think of you. You won’t get very far if you worry about what someone says to you. Letting others get to you will only cause stress and self-doubt. One person may think what you are doing is crazy, but 3 others may think it is amazing. You never know who is watching.
• Appreciate the people in your life that care for you. You never know how long they will be here for.
• Take care of your body now, don't wait until it’s “too late” or when something tragic happens to yourself or someone else. Start taking care of yourself now so you don’t have to struggle as you grow older.

Our lives are just a big story book. Make the best story possible! Stop counting down the hours until the day is over just to do the same thing again. Stop putting others down just to make yourself feel better. Strive to live the best life you can! If you hate your job, find and new one. If someone in your life is bringing you down, talk to them about it and if nothing gets resolved move on. Life is short!

Find yourself, be yourself!

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