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Material World

People have become unhappy and depressed now more than ever because we have created a society that is not compatible with the instrinsic human desire. Instead of feeling fulfilled, we occupy and distract ourselves with pleasure. We distract ourselves with things that just give us short term pleasure rather than long term.

We all want to be happy and say we are happy when we really aren’t. We think that others will judge us if we are sad or depressed so we put on an act. We should not and do not have to put on an act to get another humans “acceptance”. People are going to like us and people are going to hate us, it is a part of life.

Humans are becoming more and more attached to material things that do not matter as much as we think they do. Do we really need all the little items? Do we really need a tablet or ipad? Do we need to have over 100 television channels? Would it be that bad if we donated 50% of our clothes? (We usually only wear 25% of what is in our closet). Do we have to buy that special $4.00 bottled water?  Water is basically free more most of us but can be very tough for some to get in other parts of the world.

When we buy a new item such as a t-shirt we become attached to it and care for it more than anything for the first little while. If something happens to this new shirt we say “I am so depressed, I spilt sauce on my new shirt, it’s ruined now”. First off depressed is most definitely the wrong word to use, you may be a little sad but not depressed! You will get over feeling of sadness due to the wrecked shirt in less than 24 hours, it can take weeks, months even years to get over depression.

You may need to get over your fear of human approval and contradict our materialistic, consumer driven culture. Before you make a decision to buy something, ask yourself if it will improve life for the better. We do not need to approval from others to look and feel good.

Depression is not something to joke about or say just because we ruined a t-shirt or lost our favourite pair of shoes.

Wise words from Drew Dudley: 

Depression is a medical condition with specific symptoms and chemical imbalances.

"I'm depressed because of something I'm DOING, and the onus is on me to change my behaviour. In fact, depression can come on when you're doing everything right, that's what's so terrifying about it.

It's on each of us to be open, seek and accept help (which comes in many different ways), but it's not our fault we're depressed, and it can't be fixed simply by being more "true to ourself". Depression sometimes makes it physically and chemically impossible to be ourselves.


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