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Make A Change

We all say we want to make change; whether it be to change our lives, the lives of others, or the world.

I believe that the first step to making a change is to become a better listener. When someone is in front of us and talking, how much attention are we really giving them? Are we on our phones while someone is speaking to us? If so, lets put our damn phones down! Are we actually processing what they’re saying? Let’s start to REALLY listen to what others are saying!

In order to make change we should live our lives with more curiosity. Be curious as to what other people are doing with their lives. Be curious about how things work and why they do what they do. When we stop asking questions we stop learning. How the hell can we make change if we stop learning about the things and people around us?

Give what we can give. We don’t have to be wealthy to give back. Imagine if we all donated $1 every month to a charity that helps those who need it most. It doesn’t matter whether the charity help feeds kids or helps to rebuild communities in countries that have been destroyed by natural disasters. If you are able to read this I am sure you are able to afford $1 every month to donate to those who need it much more than you do.

We all say there is so much hate in the world and that people are full of hate. The hate starts in our own minds. One of our mind’s first functions when it comes to emotion is assumption. When we see someone with a certain look on their face, we assume how they feel. We do not truly know how a person feels unless we talk to them.

In order to get rid of this hate we have to start by truly loving ourselves. So many of us talk about it and say that we love ourselves, but do we really? Just because we post half naked pictures of ourselves on social media and post bright pictures of the beach and caption the photo ‘I love myself’ or ‘living my best life’ doesn’t necessarily mean you love yourself.

Too many people think that their best life moments are on their Instagram or Facebook. I believe our best moments are the ones that weren’t captured. The best moments are the times we weren’t worried about having our phone with us, when we were truly in the moment and having a great time. Most of the time these ‘great moments’ we capture are usually reshot with a camera while holding fake and unrealistic poses.

Let’s actually take a step in the right direction and make a change to our world! We can start off with even the smallest gestures such as picking up a piece of garbage a day, limiting the amount of plastic we use, or giving a helping hand when you see someone needs it.

The best part? No one needs approval from others to start making a change. You can do it on your own. It starts with just one small act, and giving a fuck!

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