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Everything Is Good

Your life will start to change for the better when you stop blaming others for the way you feel and take blame for your actions.

Life goes by fucking fast! As a kid I heard all the time from my elders “time goes by fast, make the best of it”. I didn’t really know what they heck anyone meant nor did I want to believe it, because what kid listens to anyone older and wiser than them, right?

Here are a few things that I think of often, but when I say it to people they think I am an ass or out of my mind.

Thought 1)

Why are people so judgemental and think they are better then others?

What pedestal do we live on to think the person walking by us that we have never said a word to is a “jerk”, “bitch” or “gross”?

When we see a stranger walking down the street, why are we so quick to judge? We don’t want to believe that we are judgmental, rude and ignorant but it’s the damn truth. We want to lift ourselves up and be “cool”, so we do this by bringing others down and talking bad.

Think about this, how good do you really feel when you put another person down? You probably feel great at first, especially when you are around your friends. When you are alone you are probably one of the saddest people you know, you think your life sucks and probably buy stupid shit to cover up your own insecurities.

Now think of the last time you complimented someone or helped someone who was going through a rough time. You probably felt fucking great, and not just for a short time either. You probably wished you could help more people! When we bring others down, we bring ourselves down as well, it works the exact same when you bring others up. Which would you rather do?

Thought 2)

Why do we have this want/need to impress people that we don’t even know?

We stand in front of the mirror trying on multiple outfits before leaving the house thinking people actually care whether or not your jacket matches your shoes. Guess what!? People don’t care as much as you think!

I’m sorry, but if these are the kind of people you are surrounding yourself with you need a new circle, because you will always be trying too hard and only feeling worse about yourself as time goes on.

Thought 3)

Why do people complain about situations they put themselves in? Do you realize how stupid that is!?

I have caught myself with this one, then I stood back and realized how stupid I was for doing so.

We get a job, at first we enjoy it think it is the greatest thing and then all of a sudden something happens and we dislike it, we don’t like the people and don’t like our duties. When this happens we then start to complain to other people who really don’t give a shit what we have to say, people have their own problems to deal with.

You put yourself in the situation, get yourself out and move on, NO ONE wants to hear you complain!

When we start to take accountability for our own actions is when we will start to grow, start to feel better and start to expand our lives. We can’t think that others control us or that it’s someone else’s fault for us feeling a certain way. We bring everything on ourselves. It is time we take action and move on!

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