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Don't Stop Learning

Life is a fun, exciting, and sometimes crazy journey. When we are kids we are always learning. As a child our parents start to teach us to speak as early as possible. We then start school and begin to learn the basics of life and the world. Being a kid means going on adventures in the woods, playing on the playground, making mistakes because we don’t know any better, and having fun like kids should. As kids we are very creative, care-free and always trying new things (other than the green stuff our parents would put on our dinner plates).

When we are done high school and college our lives get a lot busier, we then get a full time job (or two) and our free time becomes very limited. We get to a point where many of us don’t learn nearly as much as we want to or as we should. For some of us it is not that we do not want to learn, we just don’t have the same care-free life that we did many years ago. With all of the craziness in our lives we literally forget about the basic things in life such as learning new things and having fun like we used to.

The majority of us have the thought that our life is a lot busier than it really is and our ‘positions’ are a lot more important than they really are. We are all human! No one is any more special than anyone else. No matter what it may be, we ALL say many times a month that we do not have time for something. Do we really not have time, or do we just not want to do it because we think it isn’t going to benefit us? Even if it is going to benefit us, we will usually come up with some kind of lame excuse not to do it. We can all take 20 – 30 minutes out of our day to learn something new. We can either set our phones down, turn off the television or pause the useless YouTube video. Stop making excuses when it comes to something that is going to benefit you.

Many of us say we want to learn and try new things, but how many of us actually take action to do so?
We have no problem preaching to others about trying new things, getting out of comfort zones and experiencing life, but shouldn’t we practice what we preach?

Take a step back from your crazy (or not so crazy) life and really think about the last time you took it upon yourself to learn something new. When was the last time you added or took away something to benefit yourself for the present and the future? Learning new things can be very fun as well as rewarding. Get out of the cycle you are in, drop the excuses, and get back to the basics of what used to make you happy, learning and not caring about things that don’t really matter.

Having a mental illness may make it a lot tougher for us to want to do anything at all, but it is a matter of pushing ourselves and breaking the walls that are keeping us in. We can do it.

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